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someone needs to be on ridalin [entries|friends|calendar]
funny shiot

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[25 Mar 2004|01:39am]

itsthechad2003: i haven't seen chris since i went home for homecoming
Dinkis113: went home for homecoming hee hee that sounds funny
itsthechad2003: yeah it does doesn't it
itsthechad2003: so how are you doing?
Dinkis113: lol im alright
Dinkis113: i just went bowling tonight
itsthechad2003: how'd you do?
Dinkis113: i sucked like never before
itsthechad2003: what'd you bowl? lol
Dinkis113: lol ummmm........like 64
Dinkis113: lol
itsthechad2003: i've seen worse
Dinkis113: ok good like little 5 year olds
itsthechad2003: and my girlfriend
Dinkis113: oh really ok thats sweet
Dinkis113: ill just have to go with her next time and we can be like suck buddys lol
Dinkis113: well don't tell her that if she doesn't think she sucks lol thats kind of mean
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More of my sickness [25 Mar 2004|01:33am]

Dinkis113: then i can take advantage of you
SanJose515: like how lol
Dinkis113: what do you mean how
SanJose515: i dont know what would u do
Dinkis113: well lets see first i would give you a lap dance and then i would take off your pants then.....
Dinkis113: your jackin off right now aren't you lol
SanJose515: maybe lol what would u do when my pants are off
Dinkis113: well i would go down on you intill you cum then i would pour chocolate sauce all over you and lick it off
SanJose515: ok hmmm lol
Dinkis113: lol then.....
SanJose515: would jillian be with u
Dinkis113: i would give you a nice wet hand job
Dinkis113: oh yeah she would
SanJose515: hahaha oh man
SanJose515: well im for a three some lol
Dinkis113: yeah so am i then......
SanJose515: as long as shes riding me lol
Dinkis113: we would sit on your lap and make out and you can watch
SanJose515: oh wow can u do that now
Dinkis113: uumm i think shes sleeping
SanJose515: i didnt mean this exact moment lol
SanJose515: i mean next time we hang out
Dinkis113: i don't think she would go for it
SanJose515: yeah prolly not
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From the two who postest the mostest! [17 Mar 2004|09:27pm]

Keep an eye on the timestamp for each postCollapse )
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Random stuff [16 Mar 2004|05:53pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I can talk to Brian about anything!Collapse )

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o_O [15 Mar 2004|09:11pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Read more...Collapse )

I put this behind a cut cus it's kinda dirty. lol!

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ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! [15 Mar 2004|09:05pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This was great a friend of mine and I where IMing each other randomly and we had this pop up in our convo. It was took good not to post!

BlackAkamaRyuu: *gets puppy eyes that are glossy with tears, lip quivers a bit*
***************: Aww
BlackAkamaRyuu: lol
***************: *takes knife out of back pocket and smiles deviously*
BlackAkamaRyuu: LMAO
***************: here puppy!
BlackAkamaRyuu: LMFAO
***************: Lmfao
BlackAkamaRyuu: ok then *puppy eyes go from cute to glowing red, long sharp teeth jut out of lip and ears grow pointer*
BlackAkamaRyuu: :-D
***************: *smiles big and leaps out*
***************: Momma!
***************: Lmfao
BlackAkamaRyuu: ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

Note: I edited out their screen name.

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[11 Mar 2004|03:04pm]

Dinkis113: were livin on the edge
Bonzovibe: yeah I hate the edge it is too sharp
Dinkis113: lol yeah
Bonzovibe: it hurts when you get cut
Dinkis113: yeah it does
Dinkis113: stupid sharp shit
Dinkis113: its the SSS lol
Dinkis113: wow ima dork
Bonzovibe: lmfao
Dinkis113: don't do that Jenny might like it
Bonzovibe: she might like SSS?
Dinkis113: no your ass!!you don't want to laugh it off
Dinkis113: wow and the dorkness continues
Bonzovibe: oh...(damn I am stupid)...hahaha
Dinkis113: no no i think thats me
Bonzovibe: i can be though
Dinkis113: don't call yourself stupid for not understanding my stupidity lol
Bonzovibe: hahaha It went over my head though
Bonzovibe: couldn't have been too stupid
Dinkis113: lol yeah i guess
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It's been a funny night [11 Mar 2004|02:05am]

Dinkis113: So what are you doin?
SanJose515: havin chili
Dinkis113: well its good to know your havin fun
SanJose515: lol mmm chili
Dinkis113: screw you lol
SanJose515: i bet u would biatch lol
Dinkis113: yeah i bet you would enjoy it...bastard lol
SanJose515: no id just do it to give u action lol :-P
Dinkis113: oh sure whatever
Dinkis113: you wouldn't do it the other day when i asked lol
SanJose515: lol true
Dinkis113: yeah dork
SanJose515: its not my fault u cant control ur hornyness lol
Dinkis113: lol shut up
SanJose515: yeah so whats new
Dinkis113: well other then feeling like a big loser nothing really
Dinkis113: anything new with you?
SanJose515: nopw
Dinkis113: oh well you can't type
SanJose515: lol
Dinkis113: though you may laugh now.....
SanJose515: lol sorry
Dinkis113: w/e
SanJose515: whats up ur ass
Dinkis113: aaahhh nothing lol
Dinkis113: whats up yours
SanJose515: nothing
Dinkis113: ok cool lol we are stuff up our ass free
SanJose515: lol right
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[11 Mar 2004|01:57am]

Maybe i should change my hair back to blondCollapse )
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[11 Mar 2004|01:37am]

Dinkis113: tell jillian that she is going to be yllij
Dinkis113: weather she likes it or not
Jillybean6007: her newest nickname (besides that unpronouncable one...) is TINK!
Dinkis113: its pronouncable
Jillybean6007: some kids from church call her that cuz she is always wearing tinkerbell stuff...
Jillybean6007: well its not readable!
Dinkis113: lol yeah so
Jillybean6007: well, as long as it makes you happy....lol
Dinkis113: it does!!lol :P anyways i will let you get back to your work
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[10 Mar 2004|07:52pm]

Do I post in here too much?!Collapse )
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[09 Mar 2004|08:08pm]

seemesad (8:04:37 PM): so I'm listening to this song
Suikobrian (8:04:44 PM): what song?
seemesad (8:04:45 PM): called "Sinner" by Drowning Pool
seemesad (8:04:48 PM): and they say
Suikobrian (8:04:51 PM): is it good?
seemesad (8:04:56 PM): "raise your hand if you're a sinner"
Suikobrian (8:04:57 PM): what do they say?!
seemesad (8:05:07 PM): and unconsciously raised my hand
seemesad (8:05:10 PM): I didn't realize it
seemesad (8:05:11 PM): lol
seemesad (8:05:13 PM): I just... did it
Suikobrian (8:05:14 PM): lol
seemesad (8:05:15 PM): it was weird
seemesad (8:05:16 PM): lol
seemesad (8:05:21 PM): I'm a sinner, apparently
Suikobrian (8:05:21 PM): that is weird.....
Suikobrian (8:05:26 PM): awww, i'm sorry
seemesad (8:05:33 PM): Satan's getting to me I guess
seemesad (8:05:34 PM): loo
seemesad (8:05:36 PM): lol*
seemesad (8:05:39 PM): he made me raise my hand
Suikobrian (8:06:02 PM): lol
seemesad (8:06:06 PM): the weird thing was, idk how long my hand was raised, I just looked up, and there was my hand, in the air
seemesad (8:06:07 PM): lol
Suikobrian (8:06:11 PM): hahaha
Suikobrian (8:06:14 PM): that's great
seemesad (8:06:29 PM): I'm scared to move my arm
seemesad (8:06:30 PM): lol
Suikobrian (8:06:36 PM): lol
seemesad (8:06:39 PM): let alone look at it!
Suikobrian (8:06:40 PM): or you might become an even bigger sinner!
Suikobrian (8:06:42 PM): lol
seemesad (8:06:46 PM): omg!
seemesad (8:06:47 PM): lol
seemesad (8:06:49 PM): I'm scared!
Suikobrian (8:06:58 PM): lol, me too man, me too....
seemesad (8:07:03 PM): hold me!
Suikobrian (8:07:20 PM): *holds you*
seemesad (8:07:59 PM): :')
seemesad (8:08:01 PM): tears of joy
seemesad (8:08:03 PM): I love you man!
Suikobrian (8:08:08 PM): i love you too, man!!!
seemesad (8:08:13 PM): yay!
Suikobrian (8:08:23 PM): lol:-)
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[09 Mar 2004|05:09pm]

Dinkis113: where is your new house??
itsthechad2003: in columbus
Dinkis113: how far is that from cedar point??
itsthechad2003: hour to an hour and a half
Dinkis113: that is sooooooo cool
itsthechad2003: :-D
Dinkis113: oh yeah well im closer to...........the U.P.
Dinkis113: HA HA
itsthechad2003: woohoo
Dinkis113: lol oh yeah
itsthechad2003: pardon me while i wallow away in jealousy
Dinkis113: hahaha ok
Dinkis113: man no fair can i move in with you??lol
itsthechad2003: we'll see
Dinkis113: sweet
itsthechad2003: so what are you up to?
Dinkis113: not much!!still
Dinkis113: you?
itsthechad2003: same
itsthechad2003: simpsons and talking to people
itsthechad2003: or talkin to you rather
Dinkis113: lol yeah listening to music and talking to you
itsthechad2003: i am honored
Dinkis113: oh well i could leave...
Dinkis113: hahaha
Dinkis113: but i wouldn't do that
Dinkis113: that would be evil
itsthechad2003: i'm evil
Dinkis113: really
itsthechad2003: yes really
itsthechad2003: i just hide it well
Dinkis113: :'(
itsthechad2003: :-)
Dinkis113: oh yeah i can tell thats an evil smile
Dinkis113: i can see it in your eye
itsthechad2003: exactly
itsthechad2003: those dots
Dinkis113: lol yeah
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[06 Mar 2004|10:19pm]

I post in here too much :-PCollapse )
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Trouble with the alphabet [06 Mar 2004|03:38pm]

keka68 (3:33:58 PM): brb
keka68 is away at 3:34:00 PM.
keka68 returned at 3:34:45 PM.
keka68 (3:34:50 PM): k
seemesad (3:34:56 PM): l
seemesad (3:34:57 PM): m
seemesad (3:34:57 PM): n
seemesad (3:34:57 PM): o
seemesad (3:34:58 PM): p
keka68 (3:35:06 PM): q
keka68 (3:35:06 PM): r
keka68 (3:35:06 PM): s
keka68 (3:35:08 PM): t
seemesad (3:35:56 PM): u
seemesad (3:35:56 PM): v
seemesad (3:35:58 PM): omg
keka68 (3:36:04 PM): what
seemesad (3:36:06 PM): I so forgot what came after v
seemesad (3:36:07 PM): lol
seemesad (3:36:10 PM): w
seemesad (3:36:11 PM): x
seemesad (3:36:11 PM): y
seemesad (3:36:11 PM): z
seemesad (3:36:12 PM): lol
seemesad (3:36:14 PM): there we og
keka68 (3:36:15 PM): lol
seemesad (3:36:15 PM): go*
seemesad (3:36:20 PM): I have to sing the alphabet!
seemesad (3:36:22 PM): :-\
keka68 (3:36:27 PM): lol
seemesad (3:36:40 PM): I'm a loser
keka68 (3:36:57 PM): but its ok, cause ur funny most of the time
keka68 (3:36:58 PM): lol
seemesad (3:37:03 PM): haha, thanks
keka68 (3:37:11 PM): no prob
keka68 (3:37:13 PM): lol
keka68 (3:37:16 PM): 8-)
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[05 Mar 2004|06:48pm]

Ever tell anybody your phone number over the internet? Probably not a good idea, but I took the risk lol. Check it out...Collapse )
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[04 Mar 2004|04:51pm]

embersofyourfate (4:37:05 PM): hiiii
see me sad (4:37:11 PM): hiiii
embersofyourfate (4:37:22 PM): did you kill your alter ego?
see me sad (4:37:39 PM): my alter ego?
embersofyourfate (4:37:53 PM): the ninja!
see me sad (4:37:58 PM): oh lol
see me sad (4:38:09 PM): I got bored with ninjas really quick
embersofyourfate (4:38:32 PM): HAHA
embersofyourfate (4:41:11 PM): emoooooninjaaaaa
embersofyourfate (4:41:20 PM): jade puget is a ninja, but you wouldnt know him
see me sad (4:41:30 PM): nope
see me sad (4:41:31 PM): lol
see me sad (4:42:05 PM): oh wait!
see me sad (4:42:07 PM): yes I do!
see me sad (4:42:12 PM): we went to college together!
see me sad (4:42:13 PM): lol
embersofyourfate (4:42:26 PM): lol
embersofyourfate (4:42:40 PM): he went to college in california
embersofyourfate (4:42:42 PM): and you didnt!
see me sad (4:43:39 PM): yes I did!
see me sad (4:43:40 PM): lol
embersofyourfate (4:43:56 PM): no you didnt!
see me sad (4:44:01 PM): oh okay, I didn't
see me sad (4:44:01 PM): lol
embersofyourfate (4:44:13 PM): :-P
embersofyourfate (4:44:20 PM): you didnt even go to college?
see me sad (4:45:01 PM): lol nope
see me sad (4:45:02 PM): not yet
see me sad (4:45:04 PM): next year
embersofyourfate (4:45:09 PM): i know, lol
embersofyourfate (4:45:16 PM): yay for you!
see me sad (4:45:22 PM): when do you graduate?
embersofyourfate (4:45:33 PM): dude im 46
embersofyourfate (4:45:36 PM): what are you talking about?
see me sad (4:45:38 PM): lol
see me sad (4:45:40 PM): fun
embersofyourfate (4:45:42 PM): i work at mcdonalds
see me sad (4:45:48 PM): I hate you then
see me sad (4:45:49 PM): lol
embersofyourfate (4:45:57 PM): haha no just kidding i graduate in 2007
see me sad (4:45:57 PM): no more supersize :'(
embersofyourfate (4:46:02 PM): LOL
see me sad (4:46:16 PM): yeah
embersofyourfate (4:46:19 PM): when i am 17 yo
see me sad (4:46:36 PM): yo
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[03 Mar 2004|03:52pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

me talking about a thing in my profile that says if you enlarged this to read it then put it in your profile!!it was written really really small!!

Dinkis113 (3:43:14 PM): hey look at my profile its funny
Superman32485 (3:43:45 PM): lol I didn;t have to enlarge it
Dinkis113 (3:43:57 PM): you didn't
Superman32485 (3:44:01 PM): nope
Dinkis113 (3:44:09 PM): why not
Superman32485 (3:45:56 PM): because I can read?
Dinkis113 (3:46:12 PM): well so can i but not that
Dinkis113 (3:46:51 PM): and it was so funny cause i thought i was so smart for doing that too!!im like ha ha i will just enlarge it then i can read it but then its like no your a fucking moron

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[24 Feb 2004|10:19pm]

Click, it's the best convo - EVERCollapse )
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[24 Feb 2004|10:10pm]

breakitdownnah: goodnight dex!
SpamTastik14: ps: i had a dream with giant rabbit, climbing fences
SpamTastik14: WHOA!
SpamTastik14 signed off at 10:09:13 PM.
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