Michele Kimberly Clark (gnome113) wrote in funnyaimconvos,
Michele Kimberly Clark

Gohan3487: just chillin actually i just woke up from my nap
Dinkis113: hhaha ooo nap
Gohan3487: yea
Dinkis113: nappys napper nap
Gohan3487: it was a good one
Dinkis113: yeah im gay haha
Gohan3487: no ur not
Dinkis113: well i should be
Dinkis113: hahaha
Gohan3487: y??
Dinkis113: cause then it could match my gayness haha
Dinkis113: if that makes any sense
Gohan3487: oh come on than i couldn't like u anymore as much as i do
Gohan3487: j/k
Dinkis113: why not lol
Gohan3487: cause the liking wouldn't be given back in return
Dinkis113: well you could just pretend your a girl
Dinkis113 (2:25:17 PM): haha

oh and this
melon onda head (2:15:42 PM): oh i barely remember, jessica was just kind of a bitchslut
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