Michele Kimberly Clark (gnome113) wrote in funnyaimconvos,
Michele Kimberly Clark

Dinkis113: yeah he doesn't like talking on the phone much
Jillybean6007: most guys dont
Dinkis113: everytime we talk its for like maybe a half hour
Dinkis113: yeah i know they dont
Jillybean6007: yeah
Dinkis113: well jacob does though
Dinkis113: he wont ever let me get off the phone
Jillybean6007: usually if they do, their gay
Jillybean6007: lol
Dinkis113: lol awwwwwww
Jillybean6007: OH!
Dinkis113: jacobs gay hahahaaa
Jillybean6007: i wrote that b4 i saw you put jacob down
Jillybean6007: lol
Dinkis113: lol
Dinkis113: yeah suuuuuuuure
Jillybean6007: i did!!!!
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