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Carol Ann

I haven't posted anything in here in a long time. and I guess this is sort of funny... well to me at least.

Scotty B **: i think i'm going to use this one i found on
Sprinkles918: mmmmmmmk
Sprinkles918: :-)

Scotty B: thanks for all your help though
Sprinkles918: I didn't mean to put that many 'm's
Sprinkles918: you are welcome for all of my help though

Scotty B: i really appreciate it carol ann
Sprinkles918: :-)
Sprinkles918: :-):D:-):D:-):D:P:D:-)
[the faces without the noses didn't show up]
Sprinkles918: whoops
Sprinkles918: damnit
Sprinkles918: I forgot
Sprinkles918: I meant to put
Sprinkles918: :-):-D:-):-D:-):-D:-P:-D:-)
Sprinkles918: SCOTT
Sprinkles918: what is my problem?
Sprinkles918: I'm being really annoying

Scotty B: no
Sprinkles918: something is in my mouth and it's really bothering me.
Sprinkles918: no what

Scotty B: it's called a tongue carol, don't be scared
Scotty B: no you're not being annoying

Sprinkles918: ha......haNOT
Sprinkles918: I never said I was scared
Sprinkles918: but yeah

Scotty B: i'm just joking carol ann
Sprinkles918: I know Scott, so was I
Sprinkles918: so was I

Scotty B: ok
Sprinkles918: I saw os
Sprinkles918: If I had said..
Sprinkles918: u was I

Scotty B: what is os?
Sprinkles918: then I could have also said I saw you
Sprinkles918: os is so backwards
Sprinkles918: and by you I mean u
Sprinkles918: ahh shut up ! (talking to myself)
Sprinkles918: I'm tired.

Scotty B: what are you talking about?
Sprinkles918: lol.. okay hang on
Sprinkles918: palindromes: so was I I saw os but I could have said u was I I saw u.. but the second time I accidentally put 'you' instead of u
Sprinkles918: get it?

Scotty B: yeah
Scotty B: i have to go

Sprinkles918: :'(
Scotty B: i'll talk to you tomorrow
Scotty B: sorry

Sprinkles918: but Scott
Sprinkles918: what are we doing tomorrow?
Sprinkles918: errrrrr WE DIDN'T EVEN TALK!
Sprinkles918: but go ahead, I know you have to go

Scotty B: i don't know
Sprinkles918: goodbye, goodnight
Scotty B: carol ann
Sprinkles918: whaaaa?
Sprinkles918: t?

Scotty B: are you mad?
Sprinkles918: no.. lol
Scotty B: ok, sorry
Sprinkles918: :-)
Sprinkles918: for what?

Scotty B: thinking you were
Sprinkles918: oo ok
Sprinkles918: it is alright. you forgiven
Sprinkles918: hahhaha

Scotty B: ok, good
Sprinkles918: you are* forgiven
Scotty B: hehe
Sprinkles918: hahaha
Sprinkles918: please never say 'hehe' online again
Sprinkles918: it's girly

Scotty B: ok
Sprinkles918: no offense :-)
Scotty B: it was supposed to be girly though
Sprinkles918: just giving you a heads up ;-)
Scotty B: none taken
Scotty B: thanks

Sprinkles918: well, ookay, as long as you don't say it to otehr people
Scotty B: ok
Sprinkles918: :-)
Scotty B: i have to go though
Sprinkles918: alright. goodnight. sweet dreams, sleep tight.
Sprinkles918: (yeah I know I'm sweet)
Sprinkles918: ((rhymage))
Sprinkles918: ahh Carol Ann Ross shut up

Scotty B: goodbye
Sprinkles918: bye
Sprinkles918: lol

Scotty B: no don't
Sprinkles918: Scott
Scotty B: you're funny
Sprinkles918: just go please so I will stop talking and you don't get in trouble
Scotty B: what
Sprinkles918: :-)
Scotty B: ok
Scotty B: bye bye

Sprinkles918: sweet dreams, Scott.
Sprinkles918: lol

Scotty B: goodnight
Sprinkles918: g'night
Scotty B: i was going to do that earlier but i thought you would think i was gay
Scotty B: so i did not
Sprinkles918: what "g'night"?
Scotty B: yeah
Sprinkles918: haha, no I wouldn't think you were gay
Sprinkles918: lol

Scotty B: ok
Sprinkles918: 8-)
Sprinkles918: goodnight! :D

Scotty B: well, bye bye
Sprinkles918: bye
Scotty B: for real
Scotty B signed off at 10:28:30 PM.

**this screenname has been changed

My cut link has nothing to do with anything
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