Michele Kimberly Clark (gnome113) wrote in funnyaimconvos,
Michele Kimberly Clark

So this is a convo that me and Adam made with Max!!oh boy i bet your excited for this one!!

Dinkis113: the bird v v v v v v v v V v v v vV v v
Dinkis113: sorry man im tired now
Dinkis113: and im to freaked out to walk over your house
Dinkis113: so ngiht night
maxcook03: your loss
Dinkis113: ooooooooookkkk
Dinkis113: ngiht
Dinkis113: nihgt
maxcook03: Again. Your loss
Dinkis113: tihs mmeebr is uinsg a mbiloe dvicee
maxcook03: Yes I am. Come on. It will be fun.
Dinkis113: ouy rea a onber nda i oulwd eevrn secwr yuo reev!!!!
Dinkis113: dude it sound like its your loss
Dinkis113: sorry
Dinkis113: tired i am
Dinkis113: sleep i must
maxcook03: stupid drunken tease
Dinkis113: cook max
maxcook03: Clark Michele
Dinkis113: no no nooooo get it cook max
Dinkis113: like a stew
maxcook03: Yes yes yes
Dinkis113: ok take it easy
maxcook03: Get what
Dinkis113: pusssyyyyyy
Dinkis113: dick up your buns you have
Dinkis113: blah blahb
Dinkis113: FIRE oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
maxcook03: If you're not coming over them what do you want
Dinkis113: i have a buger you wanna eat it
Dinkis113: eat it you must, hmm hmm
Dinkis113: sleep in the wet spot i wont
Dinkis113: you like that little green thing don't you
Dinkis113: feel the force
Dinkis113: bend over and show me your dark side
Dinkis113: 369
Dinkis113: butt and 69
Dinkis113: i made a sperm candle
Dinkis113: LAO
Dinkis113: OOOOO BABY
Dinkis113: the other other white meat
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Oh dear God that was hilarious! Funny as hell you were!
i know wasn't it